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Singapore's old! Most experienced Overseas Service Company! 1998 venture so far, for the tens of thousands of success stories.


The Tianli Services Group (HEAVENLY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS) is a professional Overseas Service Company, founded in February 1998, ACRA certification, certification by the Singapore Government: 52861793A, is one of Singapore's most experienced Overseas Service Company, the Company specializes in providing education consulting, application for study abroad, study abroad and Singapore immigration consulting services, the company is headquartered in one of the four Asian dragons garden City country - Singapore.



Since 1998, in just a few years time, the the Tianli Group's business in the Asian region to expand rapidly: in Singapore, the Tianli education service agencies has a stable customer base and branches - SingaporeEducation Consulting Company (Singapore educational Consultancy); China Tianli services Group was established in 2007 China Tianli Branch, but also to expand to Vietnam and India the Tianli Group's business all over the world.

Tianli Group services are: to provide you with realistic things, quick and thoughtful service. Tianli has always been based on the different qualifications and different requirements of different customers to provide customers with the most accurate and perfect service, to strive to achieve 100% approval rate. Has been Tianli not of affirmation by the customer, and the strong support of the customer, but also Tianli In recent years, the rapid development of a secret.

Tianli Services Group in addition to study in Singapore and transfer services to provide customers with 100% efficient successfully handled under the Tianli Group Branch - education consulting firm in Singapore (Singapore Educational Consultancy) also for those transferring andstudying the application has been refused by the immigration Department provide students with a success rate of up to 99% of the appeal, an appeal has so far been successful for more than ten thousand had been denied a visa by the immigration Department students or student pass.

In short, Tianli Group development is inseparable from the strong support of the majority of customers are recommended. Tianli warmly welcome more countries around the world and all walks of life and Tianli business cooperation. We look forward to care of everybody, Tianli service can be more perfect, more in line with the needs of social development!



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