Government School and Mother Visa Application


Application to Government Primary/Secondary School required documents:

01. - 6 standard passport-size photograph (only accept white background photo).

02. - Applicant’s (student) passport copy (first page).

03. - Applicant's parents passport copy (first page and last page).


 If no passport, please provide a copy of their parents ID (if you have a passport extension or replacement passport, you need to specify the second page of the passport extension and replacement pages clear copy).

04. – Applicant’s birth certificate copy (hospital).

05. - Applicant's original birth certificate and certificate authentication is required (Chinese & English).

06. - Applicant's original education certificate and transcripts (Chinese & English).


 If it is currently studying primary or secondary level, prepare transcripts that have been completed; if you have not started primary school, need not prepare any documents.

07. – Bank’s original statement certificate (Chinese & English).


If depositor is the applicant's parents, deposit amount minimum RMB160,000  or more and time deposits duration must be at least six months. (For example: If in 6th August 2013 began to apply for study, time deposits should be from 6th August 2013 to 6th February 2014). If financial conditions permit, we recommend deposit amount between RMB200,000 to RMB250,000.

08. - Original parents income certification (Chinese & English).


Please use company letter head in writing and official seal, indicating positions, salaries and work duration.

09. - Parents original marriage certificate and certificate authentication is required (Chinese & English).


If parents are divorced or remarriage, prepare divorce or remarry certificate and certification authentication, custody certificate and certificate authentication. (Chinese & English)

10. - Special Talent/Achievement certificate applicant.


For example, some students have good skill in playing the piano or basketball and other talent, if any, to obtain and provide these certificates to us.


Entry to government primary/secondary school required to sit for MOE Admission Examinations for International Student (AEIS):

Admission Exam for International Students referred as (AEIS) is organized by the Ministry of Education, Singapore unified entrance exam for foreign students. AEIS is the Singapore Ministry of Education launched examination for all foreign students eligible to take the exam and base on the Ministry of Education examination results, successful candidates are directly assign to enter government schools. This test eliminates cumbersome procedures for parents and agencies to find a school and this is where our agency will process the enrollment arrangement with the Singapore Ministry of Education AEIS exam for the student.

AEIS exam is launched by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the examination is held in every September or October with end result publishes in December. Successful students are then unilaterally allocated to the Singapore government schools nearby and start their study in the following year in early January. If student does not pass the AEIS exam, the student can then enroll to take it in the February S-AEIS exam and if student passes the exam, the student can starts study in coming June. Those that pass the AEIS Exam are normally assigned to local government schools, which our company will arrange for the students to admit into these schools plus providing pre AEIS tuition course for higher passing rate if required.

Examination Content and Time Schedule:

Examination content is Mathematics and English.
AEIS Examination of each level consists of English, Math and will assess the candidate's English literacy such as reasoning abilities. AEIS exam includes a total of three examinations, namely:

GAT (comprehensive test), Math and English Exam, which is divided into two parts:
GAT (General Ability Test) Common Proficiency Test: 15 minutes
Math Exam Part  I: (30 minutes)
Math Exam Part II: (1 hour 40 minutes)
English Exam: (2 hours 15 minutes)
(AEIS examinations are all set in the English language)

Mother Accompanying Child studying in Singapore (list of required documents):

01. - 6 passport size standard photo (only accept white background photo).

02. - Mother first and last page of passport photocopy (must clearly display photos, personal information, passport expiration date and signature and if passport has extension or a replacement passport, need to specify in the second page showing passport extension and replacement pages clear copy).
03. - Mother Occupation original proof (Chinese & English). Please use company letterhead in writing and official seal, indicating positions, salaries and work duration.

04. - The child's original birth certificate and certificate authentication (Chinese & English).

05. - Original marriage certificate and certificate authentication (Chinese & English).

 If you are divorced or remarried you need a divorce certificate or remarriage certificate and certification authentication (Chinese & English) and custody certificate and certification authentication (Chinese & English). Note: If parents are divorced case, before approached our agency consultant for advises).

06. - Singapore guarantor ID card.

07. - Child's student pass In-Principle Approval.

* Note: Regards to notary certification: Applicant/s must bring along all required certificates with local ID card to the Foreign Affairs Office in local government department that handle foreign affairs notarial certification procedures. Certificates that required authentication need "double notary" ("double notary" means notary from the Singapore Embassy in China and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs departments. Please consult the Foreign Affairs Office from your local government department).

Schools recommended