Singapore Living Expenses Info

Why study in Singapore? Singapore's high security and stable political society and its low cost of living has become the top choice for many Chinese students choosing to study overseas and being a bilingual country, Chinese students find it easy to adapt and thus Singapore become a one of the most popular and favorite countries for pursuit in overseas education.

Summary of Estimated Cost Expenses while studying in Singapore:

Tuition/Course Fees: First consideration is always the course and tuition fees and working out on a general average scale, course fees range between S$8,000.00 to S$30,000.00 annually. In comparison, it is much lower than what it cost for tuition or course fees in Europe or Unites States. Singapore government schools allow student, foreign or local to apply for subsidized grants of up to 80% of tuition/course fees, which work out to about forty to fifty thousand RMB to complete the entire studies here. Condition applies for grants application like after completion of studies or graduation, students are required to stay in Singapore and worked here for a minimum of three years, but there are many students that have work in a local Singapore company but has been assigned for out-stationed in China.

Accommodation: Accommodation cost has always been one of the first concerned for foreign students studying Singapore as it is one of the top cost of living here but some private and government institutions and universities in Singapore do provide accommodation arrangements (schools hostels) while others do not. Examples are Government Polytechnics and National Universities do provide schools hostels within the school compound but generally, international students preferred staying off school campus. International students generally have four options for accommodation: HDB flats, private apartments, luxury houses and student apartments. Rental costs varied from S$400.00 to S$1,500.00 per month, depending on location, type of housing/room, facilities availability and the number of people sharing.

Communication networks: Singapore communications networks is one of the most advanced in the world with Internet accessibility almost anywhere, including the Singapore Library which is free of charge. Similarly, public telephone can be found throughout every district with very low telephone charges. Example: International Long Distance telephone charges per minute cost as little as S$0.30 to S$0.90 while International Phone Cards is more affordable, costing only S$0.10 to S$0.25 average per minute. As for mobile phone, charges for each text message ranges from S$0.50 but business package is cheaper. Estimated monthly communication expenses are generally between S$50.00 to S$120.00.

Transportation: Singapore transportation is time efficient and the train services are island-wide accessible providing a safe, comfortable, punctual, efficient, low prices journey to most area. There are also Bus transit lines throughout the island, providing similar safe and convenient transportation to commuters plus the island 24-hour on-call taxi services for those in need. Government school students can apply for the student discount card and receive special discount form all public transport provider and general student transportation cost is between S$60.00 to S$90.00 per month.

Food: Singapore has the most variety of cuisine; Chinese, Western, Malay, Indian, European and many others including Middle East and Vietnamese with some exquisite unique flavor like Nyonya food (Chinese & Malay mixed), which is a must try. There are also many Food Centers located island wide serving likewise food - Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai and other International cuisine fast food (Mac Donald/ Kentucky Fried Chicken). Most schools have their own canteens and cafeteria and food cost averaging from S$200.00 to S$480.00 per month.

Shopping: Singapore is Asia's shopping paradise with many shopping centers and tourist department stores carrying an array of branded merchandise including stationeries stores to purchase school supplies and also other little beloved gift or necessities. Places of interests are: Chinatown, Little India, Orchard Road, Geylang Serai, Clarke Quay flea market which are all good places for Sunday shopping spree with a few friends and all shopping expenses depend on oneself entirely.

On average, monthly living costs for foreign students studying in Singapore ranges from S$750.00 to S$2,000.00, which is about RMB150,000.00 for the entire education expenses. Many schools in Singapore give out scholarships and grants to students with excellent score or results notwithstanding providing needy families that required greater care and assistance, which is why Singapore has become one of the preferred overseas education destination.

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