Why choose to study in Singapore?

Singapore is one of four Asian Little Dragons and with its strategic location, quality education and good infrastructure plus annual government investment of 4% GDP in education, the reason for choosing Singapore for overseas education is obvious. Singapore high quality education system couple with the unique bilingual society, stable social and economic political environment has resulted in being the first choice of many foreign students wanting to study here in recent years. A survey shows that one third of Chinese students studying here have considered Singapore as a springboard for future opportunity to study or career prospect to another country. The result of recent distributed questionnaires from 1,312 Chinese students studying in private schools in Singapore confirmed that 28% of Chinese students gave "springboard" as the main reason when choosing to study in Singapore and a further 22% sighting over lower cost. Others also gave simple reasons that include easier arrangements for parents’ visits, the bilingual society and high quality education standards when considering the advantages of studying in Singapore:

Lower Entrance Requirements

For entrance requirement to a local university course study, students only need to provide hometown college entrance examination scores (more than a year of study).

High Quality Education System

Singapore's unique bilingual environment and Western style of teaching is much preferred by Chinese students.

Higher Starting Income

Singapore University graduates start up salary estimated at RMB10,000.00 to RMB40,000.00 per month.

Liberal Immigration Policy

After studying at Singapore government Primary and Secondary schools for at least 2 years and above has the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore and future application for Singapore Citizenship.

Lower Cost of Living compared to Europe and the United States

Cost of living in Singapore is very similar to that of Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities in China which are about one-third that of the United States and Europe.

Springboard for Study Transfer to the United States and Europe

Nearly one-third of Chinese students studying here took Singapore as a springboard and completed their Bachelor Degree studies in the United States and Europe and settled down there for their future career.

High Investment for Good Educational Foundation

The Government of Singapore has investment close to 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in fundamental Educational Upgrading.

Stable Society and Green Environment

Singapore is well known for her “Garden City” image and a stable economic society that resulted in foreign students and parents feeling safe and confident alike.

Similar Cultural Background

70% of Singapore's divest population is of Chinese ethnic thus it is quite easy for Chinese students to adapt and blend into the local society.

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